Tor Kristian Lånke


Tor Kristian Lånke

Since 2006, Lånke has built up considerable expertise relating to construction contracts, other industrial fabrication contracts, ICT contracts and public procurements. He has experience as a deputy judge and frequently represents clients in contractual dispute cases before the courts of law and arbitration.

Lånke also assists contractors and builders in all phases of a project, from procurement through contract negotiation and framing, the performance period, to the final settlement and dispute resolution. He frequently assists public contracting authorities and suppliers to undertake public procurements and manage the appeals process.

Lånke’s combination of construction law and public procurement expertise makes him particularly well equipped to assist property owners to choose good contract and procurement strategies, and to provide precise and effective advice during the project’s execution. It is often an advantage that the same lawyer is involved during the procurement and the project execution, as well as to handle any disputes that may arise from discussions relating to the final account.

Extremely good at asking me the right question and preparing me to make a good case, or sometimes drop the case if my answers don’t stick. After talking to him, I always think he raises my bar of smart thinking.

Client, Legal 500, 2023

What we have done

Large investment in new wind power in Trøndelag in Norway

On January 3, 2019, TrønderEnergi announced that it will expand with 1 TWh of new wind power in Trøndelag, Norway. This is divided into four projects: Frøya, Hundhammerfjellet (Vikna), Stokkfjellet (Selbu) and Sørmarkfjellet (Flatanger and Osen). The investment is estimated to be approx NOK 3 billion.


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