Dispute resolution

Arntzen de Besche offers market-leading expertise in dispute resolution. Our dispute resolution team has broad experience in advising Norwegian and international clients in a wide spectrum of cases and areas of law, including tort law, insurance, contract law, public procurement, intellectual property, competition law, corporate law, and public administration.

Advice from our lawyers

Arntzen de Besche provides comprehensive, creative, reliable, and cost-effective assistance in dispute resolution. Our large, dedicated dispute resolution group work systematically to develop the most effective dispute resolution strategies, while making sure that our team is tailored to fit your commercial goals.

  • For complex cases, Arntzen de Besche employs digital platforms for managing and reviewing evidence. This allows us to quickly become familiarized with complex factual matters and enablesus to provide clear advice at an early stage.
  • Upon establishing a sufficient overview of the factual and legal matters, our lawyers will determine the estimated value of the claim at hand and the associated risk exposure. We firmly believe that a clear valuation (probability-weighted expected value) provides our clients with a significantly better basis for decision-making compared to assessing claims in abstract terms.
  • At the end of the initial phase, our lawyers use the valuation of the claim to devise a coherent strategy for achieving our clients’ objectives.

We offer effective assistance in all stages of potential disputes and settlement negotiations. Our lawyers are trained in legal project management and provide cost-effective solutions for the dispute at hand.

Settlement negotiations, provisional measures, and enforcement actions

Our dispute resolution team has extensive experience in mediation and settlement negotiation, including settlement negotiations supervised by the courts as part of civil court proceedings. Additionally, Arntzen de Besche is an industry leader in securing and defending against provisional measures (freezing orders and injunctive relief), as well as court orders authorizing the acquisition of evidence outside of legal proceedings. Upon reaching final and binding decisions, we provide expert effective assistance in enforcement through the court system and the Bailiff (Norw.: “Namsmannen”).

What you can expect from us

Arntzen de Besche is an industry-leader in dispute resolution. Our dispute resolution team consists of experts with extensive experience litigating complex cases before Norwegian courts and in arbitral proceedings. By choosing Arntzen de Besche, you gain access to a thoroughly competent and experienced team of lawyers, tailored to suit your specific case and requirements.

Arntzen de Besche takes pride in providing expert advice to our clients. In international matters, our lawyers draw on an extensive network of international colleagues, meaning that Arntzen de Besche will also provide advice pertaining to foreign jurisdictions.


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17 February 2023

We maintain strong results in Chambers Global 2023

Yesterday, Chambers Global published its 2023 results, strengthening our individual performance and maintaining our positions at company level. The ranking covers a total of eight areas and we are ranked within seven.

26 February 2021

Newsletter: The FSA reconfirms its view that legal financiers require FSA approval to carry out dispute funding in Norway

As interest in third-party funding in Norway continues to grow, the Norwegian Financial Supervisory Authority (FSA) again confirms its view that funders require authorisation to market and provide litigation and arbitration funding in Norway. This underlines the FSA’s commitment to enhance oversight over the fast-growing new breed of financial services organisations, including legal financiers.

7 January 2021

Jan Olav Aabø and Eivind Landmark Tandrevold new partners

It is a great pleasure to welcome Jan Olav Aabø and Eivind Landmark Tandrevold as partners in Arntzen de Besche as of 4 January 2021. They will be important contributors to our dispute resolution and litigation department.

8 January 2019

Third party litigation and arbitration funding in Norway

Interest in third party litigation and arbitration funding in Norway continues to grow. Our colleagues Eivind Tandrevold and Jan Olav Aabø have authored the Norway chapter in the recently published The Third Party Litigation Funding Law Review (Second Ed.). The chapter surveys current developments in the Norwegian third-party funding landscape.


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