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Arntzen de Besche has been a critical player in shaping the laws in Norway since 1870. We are proud of our heritage, yet our ability to demonstrate agile mindedness in our practice allows us to be one of the leading law firms in the country.

With locations around Oslo, Stavanger and Trondheim and a team of 140 specialists across different sectors, we provide our clients with an integrated, proactive approach to their legal and business needs.

Our vision is to be our customer's best advisor
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We are an inclusive law firm with an ethos focussed on teamwork and producing academic quality work.

We aim to assist you to become a skilled business lawyer. We will provide you with a challenging environment to become proficient while facilitating you to grow into your role and thrive professionally and socially.

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Broad professional environment adapted to your industry

With experience in most industries, we provide our clients with superb legal knowledge and wisdom, showing deep business and industry understanding in all areas of business law. That means that you get the most outstanding team to help you across practice areas.

Our clients range from large internationally listed companies, financial institutions, governments and organisations to small businesses. Our expertise allows us to resolve complex disputes, assist on transactions and provide short- and long-term strategic advice by providing an integrated and proactive approach to your needs. We see the possibilities and take you where you want to go.

We see the possibilities and take you where you want to go.



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17 February 2023

We maintain strong results in Chambers Global 2023

Yesterday, Chambers Global published its 2023 results, strengthening our individual performance and maintaining our positions at company level. The ranking covers a total of eight areas and we are ranked within seven.

16 February 2023

Arntzen de Besche has assisted bp on joint venture with Deep Wind Offshore to develop South Korean offshore wind projects

We are proud to have acted as legal advisors to bp with this joint venture, seeking to further develop the offshore wind opportunities in South Korea. As a part of the agreement, bp has acquired a 55 percent stake in Deep Wind Offshore’s (DWO) early-stage offshore wind portofolio, which includes four projects across the Korean peninsula with a potential generating capacity of up to 6GW.

5 December 2022

Arntzen de Besche assists Armaturjonsson with the purchase of TermoRens AS

Armaturjonsson has 50 years of experience in Norwegian construction industry and offers systems that make it as easy as possible to avoid the blooming of unwanted bacteria in the drinking water, as well as to ensure the longest possible lifetime and power operation on all installations of water-based heating and cooling in all types of buildings.

28 September 2022

Introduction of source rent taxation for the aquaculture industry

The Norwegian government today introduced a proposal to subject aquaculture to a new source rent taxation regime. Until now, the industry has only formed part of the ordinary corporate income tax regime (in addition to a certain minor special duties).

12 September 2022

Arntzen de Besche with strong results in IFLR 1000

The results for IFLR 1000 2022 are clear. Arntzen de Besche is ranked in Tier 2 in all five categories, in addition to the fact that 12 lawyers have been individually ranked this year.

Values and engagement

We are committed to the environment and sustainability. We are a proud member of the climate network Skift. Together with a number of other business players, we are working on launching concrete measures to help Norway achieve their sustainability goals by 2030.

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