About us

Arntzen de Besche is a leading Norwegian law firm, with nearly 180 employees and offices in Oslo, Stavanger and Trondheim. We assist Norwegian and international companies, authorities and organizations in simplifying complex transactions, conducting demanding negotiations and resolving disputes.

150 years of history

We have helped shape the legal developments in Norway since 1870. Over these years we have built a strong reputation in Norway – and abroad – as a leading professional environment within business law and litigation.

Customer experience – at our core

We have a culture of team play, integrity, quality and commitment. These values come into play in everything we do, and dictates the direction for our work. Our expertise, experience and commercial understanding create long term relationships and lasting values. We put our clients first, and they see us as their strategic partner. We put a lot of effort into developing and understanding our customers, their businesses and objectives.

General Terms and Conditions.

Core values


Teamwork describes how we work and behave towards each other. By joining forces as one firm, we can raise each other to greater heights and achieve success both commercially and in terms of professional recognition. Teamwork is a key factor in ensuring our employees remain happy in their work. For our clients, too, teamwork ensures a successful outcome.


We look after our clients’ interests with no thought for personal gain or risk. We work within the law, the Norwegian Bar Association’s Code of Conduct for Lawyers and our own ethical guidelines. We behave correctly and in a way that earns the respect of both clients and opposing parties, courts, the public administration and others. We keep our promises.


We deliver services of the highest quality from start to finish. We tailor our services to suit the individual case and the individual client’s needs, and we always work to the highest standards of professionalism. We provide advice that is cogent, understandable and presents clients with a clear picture of their options. We are easy for our clients to get hold of, respond rapidly to their requests and help keep matters moving speedily towards a successful conclusion. At Arntzen de Besche, we are quick to adopt new technologies that enhance our service delivery.


Once we have accepted an assignment, we work unwaveringly to see it through. We want our clients to feel that we are fully dedicated to their cause and will do our utmost on their behalf. We are a learning organisation that is passionate about expanding our knowledge of the law and our understanding of the business sectors in which our clients operate. We are dedicated to developing each other individually and the firm as a whole.

Our management

Arntzen de Besche consists of a partnership with 58 partners. The day-to-day management of the company is carried out by our Managing Partner and the Management Group.

THE MANAGEMENT GROUP consists of Managing Partner Håvard Sandnes, partner André Michaelsen, partner Anders Rødland, partner Trond Kildal, head of finance Geir T. Dotzler, partner Knut Martinsen and head of business support Thomas Hansen.

THE BOARD consists of Board of Directors and partner Karl Rosén, partner Steffen G. Rogstad, partner Lars Horgen Hinze, partner Siril Visnes, partner Vidar Riksfjord, senior lawyer Magnus Høegh Krohn Viddal (staff representative) and senior lawyer Kristin Wist (staff representative).

Partner Per Kristian Ramsland is a board observer.


Ruseløkkveien 30, 0251 Oslo
P. O. Box 2734 Solli, 0204 Oslo


Kongsgårdbakken 1, 4005 Stavanger

P. O. Box 660, 4003 Stavanger


Beddingen 16, 7042 Trondheim
P. O. Box 8853, 7481 Trondheim

Proud of our history

Our law firm dates back to 1870. As one of Norway’s oldest law firms, we have followed the legal and social developments in Norway for more than 150 years.

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