Culture and diversity

A strong corporate culture is important when it comes to managing employee engagement and behaviour. For many years, we have put great effort into building a culture based on professional quality, integrity, inclusion and commitment. We believe our culture is a clear competitive advantage that our clients and employees benefit from.

Work environment

We live off our expertise. Therefore its crucial that we sorround ourselves with people who have different backgrounds and different perspectives. In order to give our clients the best possible advice, we need to take advantage of our complementary strenghts and learn from the discussions where we disagree. We have an inclusive working environment and our employees should feel welcome from day one, regardless of how we differ from each other.

We work actively and purposefully with diversity, not only to ensure the right expertise to assist our clients, but also because we have a duty to facilitate a fair workplace with equal opportunities for all. To support this work, we have established a diversity committee that is actively working on the duty to act and report on measures that can strengthen gender equality and reduce the risk of discrimination.text

Social life

We spend a lot of our time at work, and we rely entirely on a good social environment to thrive. Fundamental to this well-being is the support and care we have – and receive – from our colleagues, and that we learn from each other.

We facilitate a range of activities so that our employess can get to know each other on a personal level, as well as professional. Among other things, we have an active sports committee that arranges regular trainings and individual events, and we have a social committee that arranges quizzes, summer parties, Christmas parties, company trips and much more fun. Through the committees and by participating in the social, you have great influence and can help shape your own working environment.


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