Rates and terms

It is of utmost importance for us at Arntzen de Besche to ensure that engagements we undertake on behalf of our clients are performed at all times by lawyers with the specific experience and qualifications necessary.

Our fees are calculated primarily based on time spent. Also the background and specialisation of the lawyers involved are relevant factors in calculating the total fee, in addition to the nature and degree of difficulty of the engagement, time available, the outcome of the engagement and its monetary value.

All expenses connected to the execution of an engagement such as travel expenses, fees charged by public authorities etc. will be invoiced at cost. For international assignments, individual pricing schemes can be arranged.

For information about our standard hourly rates, please contact one of our offices.

Unless otherwise agreed in writing, our General Terms and Conditions pertain to all aspects of the performance of the assignment.

Our standard General Terms and Conditions can be found here.


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