Construction law

We assist a number of leading Norwegian and international contractors, construction clients and consultants in the building, construction and process industries. We have extensive experience with complex manufacturing projects, aiming to minimise the scope of disputes. We provide advice on traditional construction projects, road building and construction, railway projects as well as large projects in the aquaculture industry.

Advice from our lawyers

We assist our clients through all phases of a project in relation to the following:

  • funding
  • planning and regulation
  • choice of contract form
  • bidding and contracting
  • public procurements
  • contract negotiations
  • project assistance
  • HSE and work accidents
  • final settlement and dispute resolution

Dispute resolution

In manufacturing projects, cost increases and delays may occur, which may give rise to conflicts. We are active advisors working to ensure that disagreements are resolved quickly and at the lowest possible level, outside the courtroom. Protracted and deadlocked conflicts benefit neither party.

Among other things, we attach importance to ensuring balanced agreements with carefully considered dispute resolution mechanisms. We also provide assistance during projects in assessing risk and finding constructive solutions to disputed cases. Several of our lawyers are certified mediators with extensive experience in identifying optimum, balanced solutions.

In some cases it is not possible to resolve a matter amicably, meaning that the dispute must be settled by the courts or by arbitration. We will then assist you with one goal in mind: to win the case. Our lawyers have extensive experience with litigation before all instances, in addition to national and international arbitration cases.

New contract forms

Choice of contract form is perhaps the most important decision in a construction project. We have extensive experience with different types of contracts, including PPP as well as IPD and partnering contracts.

We have assisted in the first three IPD contracts used in Norway, including the Tønsberg project and Nye Veier’s development of the E6 highway in Trøndelag county. This form of contract ensures a higher level of collaboration between the construction client, consultants and contractors. The goal is to deliver better quality projects in a shorter period of time.

The green shift

The construction and real estate sector is in the middle of a green transition. We wish to be a driving force for this transition in the industry, which is why we have a number of strategic collaborations with Skift – Norwegian Business Climate Leaders and the Norwegian Green Building Council, for example.

Together with Skift, we have contributed to a memo on construction and real estate, in which we have introduced key measures for the industry to reach its climate goals.

In collaboration with the Norwegian Green Building Council, we have created a contract guide to ensure that requirements related to BREEAM-NOR are optimally implemented in turnkey contracts.

Work accidents

We have an interdisciplinary emergency response team that assists clients in connection with work accidents. Our emergency response team has extensive experience in crisis management and consultancy when a work accident has occurred. This includes assistance with plans for incident management and information flow, and dialogue with the Norwegian Labour Inspection Authority and the police.

What you can expect from us

We quickly gain an understanding of a client’s interests and requirements, and provide clear and concrete advice. We ensure that assignments are handled by lawyers with the right expertise and attach great importance to being available and delivering on time.

We provide you with close follow-up for the duration of the project and our partners have a hands-on involvement in assignments. You will be designated one main contact person in order to ensure continuity in the handling of your case.

What we have done



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