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Kurt A. Elvevoll

Elvevoll has extensive experience from building and construction law and adjacent areas of law such as planning and building law. He has assisted both public and private builders, contractors, consulting engineers and architects. He assists in projects from the competitive phase, through the construction phase, to the final settlement and in the event of disputes before the courts.

He has extensive experience in developing contract strategies, quality assurance of contracts, follow-up of construction processes and dispute resolution. He is particularly concerned with good and clear communication during the process. In cases where a dispute arises, he is concerned that the matter is resolved through negotiations as far as possible. Through assistance to public builders, he has gained valuable experience and can provide advice that ensures the interaction between project management, administration and not least politicians.

Elvevoll is a sought-after speaker for the players in the building and construction industry, and has lectured on topics such as contract strategy, quality assurance of contracts, how the client should adapt NS 8407 or NS 8405 with the Housing Act (back-to-back), the notification rules in the construction law, preparation for and implementation of takeover business, regulatory deficiencies, complaints and statute of limitations and so on.

Quick and accurate response from Kurt Elvevoll. Always service-minded and highly skilled.

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