Public procurement law

Our lawyers are specialists in public procurement and EU/EEA law. These are two closely linked areas, as legislation in the EU and the EEA Agreement affects the purchasing of services in the public sector in Norway. We provide assistance to both clients and suppliers in connection with public procurement. Extensive experience from all sides of the table makes us great strategic advisors to our clients.

Advice from our lawyers

Our task is to identify and manage risk on the client and supplier side in tender competitions and framework agreements. We assist clients in all industries and sectors, and in all phases associated with procurement. From the planning phase to the implementation phase and contract phase. We offer advice in relation to the following:

  • risk assessment prior to tender competitions/bids
  • drafting of invitations to tender / tender bids
  • implementation of tender competitions
  • contract work and negotiations
  • strategic planning

What you can expect from us

We work closely with specialists from other fields and industries in our firm, such as EU and EEA law, capital markets, dispute resolution and litigation, and construction law, to ensure that our clients are designated the most optimum team for each assignment.


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26 May 2020

Contribution to "Public Procurement and Government Contracts 2020"

Espen I. Bakken, Frida May Behrens and Kristine Farestvedt Nesse have contributed with the Norwegian chapter in "Public Procurement and Government Contracts 2020". The chapter includes a summary of the most important regulations for public procurement, in a Norwegian context.


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