Public administration

In day-to-day operations and upon implementation of new projects, the business community must adhere to a number of public sector regulations and framework conditions. This could be applications for different kinds of licences and requirements in respect of compliance and reporting. We assist a broadly based Norwegian and international business community with its public sector requirements.

Advice from our lawyers

Our lawyers possess considerable public sector experience, both on a political as well as administrative level. Consequently, we have excellent insight into public administration, decision-making processes and what influences them. We provide advice in the following sectors:

  • industry
  • transport
  • natural resources
  • real estate
  • banking and financing

In its exercise of public authority, public administration must have a legal competence basis in order to make binding decisions. There are two sides to public administration law; the general regulations and areas that are subject to special provisions. At Arntzen de Besche, we have specialists in general public administration law who collaborate closely with specialists in relevant sectors such as banking and financing, business real estate, fishing and aquaculture, energy and other areas subject to special provisions.


For the business community, it is important to identify practical solutions enabling players to obtain the required licences. We go the extra mile to provide advice aimed at preserving a positive collaboration between all parties involved, and avoiding disputes. With our considerable public sector experience, we are familiar with both the language and the arguments required to ensure quality in the decision-making basis, which is a prerequisite for swift and correct decisions being made at the lowest possible level, without any disputes. In our opinion, this is crucial to our clients’ ability to maximise their market potential.

What you can expect from us

You will be assigned one main contact person. We will designate the most optimum team of specialists to solve your specific case, with the least possible disruption to your core business.


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