Public sector activities

We are a trusted collaborating partner for the Norwegian authorities and companies with partial or complete public ownership. For the part of the public sector that exercises authority, we consider the legal scope of a given situation and provide advice and guidance to help facilitate efficient and correct case handling. For publicly owned companies, our assistance consists, among other things, of clarifying the application of public law regulations and associated consequences. We also assist public owners in clarifying the boundaries for the exercise of ownership rights in enterprises organised pursuant to company or special legislation.

Advice from our lawyers

Our lawyers have extensive experience from public sector activities at a high level, both politically and administratively. We have therefore gained considerable insight, and are well-positioned to solve the legal challenges faced by members of the public sector and affiliated enterprises. We provide advice in the following areas:

  • public administration law
  • public procurements
  • state aid
  • contract law
  • property development
  • construction contracts
  • compulsory purchase
  • financing
  • dispute resolution and litigation

Understanding the fundamental social mission of the enterprise in question is crucial for providing beneficial and accurate advice. We need to understand the context, the decision-making processes and what influences these decision-making processes in order for the political objectives to be achieved as efficiently as possible.

As a law firm with emphasis on oil and energy, EU and competition law, and employment law, we are well-positioned when it comes to solving the legal problems faced by members of the public sector and affiliated enterprises.

What you can expect from us

Based on the legal challenges of your situation, we put together an interdisciplinary team of different specialists. We work closely with your enterprise’s management and lawyers to define the assignment and prepare a project plan, enabling us to provide sound legal and strategic advice throughout the process.

You will be assigned one main contact person. We ensure that you always have the right expert on the right assignment at the right time.


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26 May 2020

Contribution to "Public Procurement and Government Contracts 2020"

Espen I. Bakken, Frida May Behrens and Kristine Farestvedt Nesse have contributed with the Norwegian chapter in "Public Procurement and Government Contracts 2020". The chapter includes a summary of the most important regulations for public procurement, in a Norwegian context.


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