Ingeborg Moen Borgerud


Ingeborg Moen Borgerud

Borgerud specialises in employment law and has rights of audience before the Supreme Court of Norway. She is a trusted advisor for major entities in both the public and private sector. Ingeborg has particular expertise and experience in the laws and agreements that apply to state-owned entities.

Borgerud assists numerous major companies and public bodies with various employment law issues, such as challenging personnel cases, termination of employment, reorganisation processes and business transfers, as well as discrimination, harassment and whistleblowing cases.

With wide-ranging expertise and experience in the field, Borgerud can quickly identify the issues that arise in different processes. This makes her an effective and proactive advisor and a strategic sparring partner for her clients.

Moen Borgerud has led and participated in a number of major public inquiries in the field of employment law. She has chaired both the employment law commission (Arbeidslivslovutvalget) which lay the foundations for today’s Working Environment Act, and the commission that proposed a new Civil Service Act. She has also served as a member of the Working Hours Commission (Arbeidstidsutvalget). She recently chaired an expert panel that examined the Labour Court of Norway’s administrative links, etc. Ingeborg has written textbooks and legal commentaries in the field of employment law.

Extremely knowledgeable, experienced and thorough

Client, Chambers, 2021


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