Henrik Hammersland

Senior AssociateOslo

Henrik Hammersland

Hammersland primarily assists with advice and dispute resolution in the areas of contract law, law of damages, corporate law, insurance law and bankruptcy. He has argued several cases before the courts, involving complex contract disputes, directors’ liability, lawyer’s liability, etc. Furthermore, he has experience as a deputy judge in the district court. This has given him extensive knowledge of a number of civil law processes, including main hearing, court-sponsored mediation, temporary injunction, arrest, securing of evidence, bankruptcy and legal enforcement.

Hammersland is described as a likeable and proactive litigator who is able to present complicated issues in a simple and easy-to-understand manner. As an advisor, he is committed to providing clients with clear and practical advice based on the best possible grounds for decision-making.

Hammersland wrote his master’s thesis on the valuation of commercial buildings in the termination of ground lease. The thesis was later included in Tidsskrift for Eiendomsrett (journal for property law).


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