Professional liability

With years of experience with the commercial, reputation and regulatory pressures faced by processional practice firms, our professional practice lawyers handle everything from regulatory compliance, integration following acquisitions, contractual issues, to professional liability claims.

In Norway, as in other jurisdictions, professional practice firms are subject to strict norms and requirements, the breach of which may lead to being held liable for damages. Arntzen de Besche assists both insurance companies and professional practitioners in a wide range of professional liability matters, including cases related to lawyers, auditors, accountants, financial advisers, insurance brokers, engineers, real estate agents, appraisers, and architects.

In professional liability matters, Arntzen de Besche provides assistance with the following:

  • dispute resolution, including negotiation, mediation, and litigation
  • recourse claims against other liable parties
  • advice on how to avoid and/or limit professional liability
  • regulatory issues related to decisions by government and supervisory authorities
  • internal training through courses and lectures

Our lawyers have thorough experience across most professional industries and sectors, meaning that we will provide quick and comprehensive advice on how to efficiently handle any form of claim.

Broad experience and a large network

Arntzen de Besche has worked extensively with professional liability matters for more than 20 years. During this time, our lawyers have, inter alia, provided advice in many of the largest lawyers’ and auditors’ liability cases ever to be heard before Norwegian courts. We are also represented on the lawyer’s panel of the Norwegian Institute of Public Accountants and are often called upon in the largest and mostcomplex matters.

Further, we receive a significant amount of requests to provide second opinions and/or conduct due diligence in connection with professional liability claims.

We use technology to calculate the value of claims

A claim brought before any court or arbitral tribunal is associated with a certain amount of risk. Because of this, Arntzen de Besche employs digital platforms for assessing quantitative uncertainty. This cutting-edge approach to risk analysis allows our lawyers to calculate the exact value of a claim and the risk involved when defending or pursuing a claim.

In our experience, specific assessments of risk provide our clients with comprehensive data and grounds for decision making, e.g., when deciding whether to initiate judicial proceedings or whether to accept a settlement offer.

What you can expect from us

Our lawyers operate at a high professional level and pay close attention to legal developments in the industries that our clients operate in. We regularly attend industry forums and conduct seminars via Juristenes Utdanningssenter, JUC and Advokatenes HR. Additionally, our lawyers give regular lectures at the Norwegian Institute of Public Accountants’ annual conference and before various construction associations.

Arntzen de Besche has a well-composed team with extensive experience from a wide range of industries. We have a significant network to draw upon, should the services of an expert or expert witness be required. Moreover, Arntzen de Besche takes great pride in employing lawyers being directly involved in developing Norwegian law, either by being part of official law committees or by authoring law commentaries.


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7 January 2021

Jan Olav Aabø and Eivind Landmark Tandrevold new partners

It is a great pleasure to welcome Jan Olav Aabø and Eivind Landmark Tandrevold as partners in Arntzen de Besche as of 4 January 2021. They will be important contributors to our dispute resolution and litigation department.


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