Directors’ and officers’ liability

The board of directors and management of Norwegian companies are subject to a wide range of stringent requirements, and may be held liable for any violations. Our lawyers have extensive experience in handling compensation claims against board or management members, and regularly litigate such cases before the courts. We also assist clients in fulfilling their formal duties. Furthermore, we provide clarification on the scope of the board of directors and management if a company faces financial challenges or is involved in restructuring processes.

D&O Insurance

Compensation claims can be a heavy personal burden for the affected parties. Defence against these kinds of legal proceedings can also be a costly undertaking. More and more companies are therefore taking out D&O insurance on behalf of board members and people in management.

We have extensive experience in dealing with insurance law issues both on behalf of insurance companies and those covered by the insurance. Our assistance includes the interpretation of terms and conditions of insurance policies, filing of insurance claims, handling of various types of insurance disputes and litigation of insurance-related cases before the courts.

What you can expect from us

We possess considerable expertise on the role distribution between board members and the general manager, the interface towards accountants and external advisors, distribution of liability in group companies and special obligations of companies listed on the stock exchange.

With us, you have access to skilled partners and lawyers at all levels, and we create cost-effective teams for each individual case.


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7 January 2021

Jan Olav Aabø and Eivind Landmark Tandrevold new partners

It is a great pleasure to welcome Jan Olav Aabø and Eivind Landmark Tandrevold as partners in Arntzen de Besche as of 4 January 2021. They will be important contributors to our dispute resolution and litigation department.


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