Andreas Nordby


Andreas Nordby

Nordby is an experienced and highly skilled court advocate. He was granted leave to appear as an advocate before the Norwegian Supreme Court in 2019. He has particular experience of disputes relating to the law of torts, contract law, company law and intellectual property law. He has authored several articles on civil procedure and arbitration, and has also co-authored an annotated edition of the Dispute Act’s provisions concerning class action suits. Although Nordby relishes representing clients in court, he is equally aware that many disputes should be settled out of court.

Nordby has acted as a trusted advisor to clients in a wide range of business sectors, such as IT, technology and food production as well as the media and entertainment industries. He has extensive experience of contract negotiation and framing, and he is a sought-after advisor in more complex business agreements.

Nordby also has broad analytical experience and is often asked to assess how “good” a case is or provide a second opinion, for example in connection with decisions on whether to appeal. For Nordby, thorough preparation and risk assessment are crucial in his role as advisor, and the advice he gives is effective and pragmatic with respect to each client’s specific needs.

Andreas Nordby is the go-to guy for complex legal questions and strategic advice.

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