Food law

The food industry is one of the largest industries in Norway. It is extensively regulated, and with a number of special regulations. The regulations are mainly based on EU/EEA law and are constantly evolving. We assist our clients throughout the value chain, from production and transport to sales and marketing.

Advice from our lawyers

Our lawyers provide advice in connection with all business relations such as employees, suppliers, customers, competitors and public authorities. We assist with all legal aspects that must be addressed in the various interfaces:

  • acquisitions and transactions
  • growth and financing
  • government regulations
  • vertical and horizontal agreements
  • marketing and sales

Our specialists assist both Norwegian and international clients, representing several of the largest producers and distributors of food in Norway within dairy, meat, beverages and other key categories. We also assist leading players in the health industry. We have extensive experience in advising clients in their dealings with Norwegian food and consumer authorities such as the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Fisheries, the Ministry of Agriculture and Food, the Norwegian Food Safety Authority and the Consumer Authority, as well as the Norwegian Competition Authority and other key government agencies.

Contract negotiations

Our work includes sales and supplier agreements, distribution agreements, annual agreements, research development agreements, production cooperation and follow-up of commitments and financial benefits. Our lawyers regularly take part in annual negotiations and tender processes, as well as other dialogues concerning price, quality, distribution, category management, etc. If required, we also handle disputes in cooperation with other internal specialist departments, including our dispute resolution department.

What you can expect from us

Food law has a number of related disciplines. We have a solid interdisciplinary environment, with strong expertise in fields such as market law, competition law, public procurement, general EEA law, general public administration law, tax law, contract law, dispute resolution and M&A. In addition, we have a solid international network that we often draw on in cross-border projects, or where required.

You will be assigned one main contact person. We designate the lawyer who is best suited to helping you. In summary: With us, you will always have the right expert on the right assignment at the right time.


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