Arntzen de Besche has assisted Frøy Kapital AS and BEWI Invest with the establishment of Frøya Laks, and co-location agreement with Måsøval

We are proud to have assisted in the establishment and recapitalization of Frøya Laks, which is a collaboration between Helge Gåsøs Frøy Kapital and BEWI Invest. Frøya Laks is now entering into cooperation with Måsøval on the operation of 2,433 tonnes MAB (maximum allowable biomass) which they purchased at the State auction in 2022.

The parties intend for long-term cooperation, and the first generation will be put to sea in 2023 and slaughtered in 2024.

"We are pleased to have reached a co-location agreement with Måsøval for the operation of the acquired MTB. It is rational for the parties that the cooperation is organised by Frøy Kapital and Bewi Invest establishing a joint company," commented Roger Granheim and Stig Wærnes on behalf of Frøya Laks.

We congratulate all parties involved! Our core team has consisted of Steffen Rogstad, André Michaelsen, Anders Dyrseth, Eyvind Sandvik and Aleksander Rygh Pedersen.


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