Aleksander Rygh Pedersen

Senior LawyerTrondheim

Aleksander Rygh Pedersen

Aleksander Rygh Pedersen specializes in corporate law and M&A work. He assists clients in all kinds of transactions, from smaller acquisitions/sales to larger strategic deals. Since joining Arntzen de Besche in 2018, he has earned the trust of his colleagues and the firm's clients by successfully managing several transaction processes.

Aleksander also regularly provides assistance to venture funds and start-up companies in various growth phases, offering due diligence services, contract drafting, and other general and strategic advice. He also has experience with shareholder disputes and legal proceedings following completed transactions, including handling of warranty claims.

Aleksander regularly receives positive feedback from the company’s clients. Recently a venture investment process led by Aleksander was described as “very professional, swift and efficient”.

In addition to assisting clients, Aleksander is the chairman of the board of Gnist Capital AS, a pre-seed investment fund based in Trondheim

What we have done

Strise successfully raised USD 10.8 Million

Exciting times for the Norwegian start-up Strise who successfully raised USD 10.8 million. The majority of investments come from Skype founder Niklas Zennström and his London-based venture capital firm, Atomico.

Arntzen de Besche assists Armaturjonsson with the purchase of TermoRens AS

Armaturjonsson has 50 years of experience in Norwegian construction industry and offers systems that make it as easy as possible to avoid the blooming of unwanted bacteria in the drinking water, as well as to ensure the longest possible lifetime and power operation on all installations of water-based heating and cooling in all types of buildings.


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