Arntzen de Besche has assisted Aqualoop with raising capital

New investors have invested in Aqualoop - with Markó Partners as the largest. They will also take a board position in the company. Together they invest in Icelandic Offshore Salmon, which will become the first Icelandic sea breeder.

Since 2017, Aqualoop has developed solutions for aquaculture at sea, including the flagship "Big Dipper" which can be used for farming fish at sea. The solution is optimal for biological production of salmon regardless of weather conditions.

Håvard Wollan, founder of Aqualoop, states the following:

We follow the work to facilitate offshore aquaculture in Norway with both excitement and anticipation, but at the same time we at Aqualoop have been clear that we will address offshore aquaculture internationally. That is why I am extremely pleased that Icelandic Markó Partners, headed by Kjartan Olafsson, is joining the ownership side and that Kjartan is joining as a new board member.

Our core team has consisted of André Michaelsen and Aleksander Rygh Pedersen.


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