Arntzen de Besche assists Armaturjonsson with the purchase of TermoRens AS

Armaturjonsson has 50 years of experience in Norwegian construction industry and offers systems that make it as easy as possible to avoid the blooming of unwanted bacteria in the drinking water, as well as to ensure the longest possible lifetime and power operation on all installations of water-based heating and cooling in all types of buildings.

Armaturjonsson is wholly owned by Ernströmgruppen, a family-owned industrial conglomerate that operates, develops and acquires well-managed companies within a number of selected niches. The Ernström Group places emphasis on sustainability, innovation and digitalisation, and through this the Group wishes to contribute to long-term and competitive activities.

The purchase of Termorens is Engström Group's second purchase in Norway this year, and will contribute to strengthening the Group's contribution to the UN's sustainability goal of clean water for all.

Termoren is a Norwegian company that has worked to limit the risk of high concentrations of bacteria, especially Legionella, in potable water installations in all types of buildings.

Our core team consisted of Maria B. Tanemsmo and Aleksander Rygh Pedersen.


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