Sven Bjørk


Sven Bjørk

Bjørk assists employers and employees with advice, investigations/inquiries, negotiations and advocacy in connection with the termination of employment relationships, reorganisations and business transfers. He provides strategic advice on non-compete clauses and bonus, share-based and other incentive schemes. In addition, he provides general legal advice on business and sports law.

Bjørk has extensive experience of negotiating solutions to individual and collective workplace disputes and litigating such cases in courts of law. Sven has previously worked as a lawyer with the Confederation of Norwegian Enterprise (NHO) and DNB’s employment law department. From his time at DNB, he has experience and expertise relating to practical, in-house HR processes and employment law related to reorganisations, personnel cases and the handling of whistleblower cases.

Experience from several sides of the labour market means that Bjørk can quickly understand the client’s needs and see the practical consequences of the advice he gives. This has made him an important strategic advisor for his clients. Sven is often asked to lecture on various employment law topics and is a regular examiner and supervisor in various subjects at the University of Bergen.

Offices: Deputy Chair of the Norwegian Ice Hockey Association’s disciplinary committee.

Sven Bjørk balances empathy, client interest and counterpart interest in the best of ways and is our preferred “go to” partner when it comes to employment practice. He quickly understands the case, the business and the client needs and is considered to be the best one could ask to have by one’s side when times are tough.

Client, Legal 500, 2024


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