Simon Karim Jynge

Senior LawyerTrondheim

Simon Karim Jynge

Jynge specialises in the legal issues relating to bankruptcy/insolvency, real property and transactions, in addition to dispute resolution and in-court advocacy.

He assists clients with the sale and letting of real property, both residential and commercial. He has considerable experience of negotiating and framing contracts, and handling issues relating to mortgages/security interests, easements and other encumbrances. Jynge is one of our lawyers with particular competence concerning the electronic registration of documents, which saves a great deal of time and expense. He also has experience from the estate agency sector and can also assist in cases relating to estate agents’ professional obligations.

In negotiations, Jynge is particularly keen to uncover what the parties actually disagree about, which is often different from the object of the dispute at hand. Getting to the heart of the matter in this way can contribute to a better long-term solution for both parties.


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