Rune Njøs Jacobsen


Rune Njøs Jacobsen

Njøs Jacobsen has extensive experience of the law of torts and insurance law, having served as legal advisor to Norwegian and international companies, other businesses and private clients.

Njøs Jacobsen assists clients with matters relating to tort law, professional liability, directors’ liability and vehicular liability. He is a highly experienced advisor with respect to the framing of insurance terms and conditions, insurance settlements, loss adjustment, legal opinions and in-court advocacy. For many years, he has assisted most of the major non-life insurance companies in Norway, as well as the Norwegian Natural Perils Pool, through legal opinions and work on property damage settlements and recourse claims. He has litigated numerous such cases in court. He also has considerable experience of cases relating to occupational injury insurance and personal injury.

A number of the injury cases Njøs Jacobsen has worked on have involved non-Norwegian insurance providers. This applies to cases relating to various forms of building risk and project insurance, and to cases resulting from accidents in the aviation and offshore sectors.

As an advisor, Njøs Jacobsen maintains a high standard of professional integrity and works closely with his clients to give them the best possible advice. He is recognised for his ability to handle a large workload and to find solutions in complex cases.

Rune Njøs Jacobsen is extremely experienced and always available.

Client, Legal 500, 2024


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