We have extensive experience as suppliers of legal assistance for insurance and are currently leading players in this field. We provide assistance to insurance companies, brokers, agents and the customer side of the insurance contract.

Advice from our insurance lawyers

We offer legal advice on all issues related to liability and general insurance. We handle the whole spectrum from complex insurance claims and disputes, to transactions and questions pertaining to cross-border distribution. We assist with the following:

  • claims settlement
  • regulatory advice to insurance undertakings and insurance brokers
  • drafting and interpretation of insurance contracts
  • collective insurance contracts
  • transfer of undertakings and other corporate changes
  • dispute resolution and litigation
  • consultative statements on rule changes
  • courses and lectures

Our team possesses extensive experience and knowledge of insurance law and related areas. We have a good overview of development trends that exist in the market in general, and within different sectors. Further, we have a clear overview of the different kinds of situations our clients experience, and will clarify what the insurance covers, the deadlines that apply, and the rights and obligations of the involved parties.

Our objective is always to solve cases through collaboration and dialogue, to the extent possible. In situations where this is not sufficient and a case must be resolved before the courts, our lawyers draw from considerable experience of litigation, and as arbitrators and counsels in arbitration courts.

What you can expect from us

Our legal assistance is based on solid legal knowledge, industry experience, commercial understanding and innovation. Our work comprises many related areas, which calls for close collaboration with other internal departments, such as the dispute resolution department.

You will be assigned one main contact person. We designate the lawyer who is best suited to helping you. In summary: With us, you will always get the right expert on the right assignment at the right time.


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