Trade and industry

When taking an idea to the stage of being commercialised and sold, many legal questions will arise. We assist major manufacturing companies, industrial groups and companies with legal and strategic advice throughout the entire value chain.

Advice from our lawyers

As advisors, our primary task is to put the legal issues into a wider context, commercially as well as from a business perspective. Beneficial and predictable agreements are key, and we assist with agreements in the following areas:

  • purchasing
  • staffing
  • distribution
  • import and export
  • sales and deliveries
  • franchising

Some of the issues for trade and industrial companies relate to the vertical chains, involving inbound contracts, such as the purchase of raw materials, production and sales, and outbound contracts. All these flows of raw materials in and finished goods out must be risk-controlled and regulated by contract. In order to prepare good contracts, we need to know what our clients manufacture; which raw materials they require.

We have extensive experience from both commercial activities and government regulatory work, considerable knowledge of a number of industries, and good insight into what the authorities expect. We know the legal challenges you are facing today – and those you will be facing tomorrow.

What you can expect from us

Our advice is based on integrity, innovation and close collaboration with you as a client, which we believe are essential components for achieving good results. We have the empathy to understand the different situations our clients are in, and are committed to solving each case as easily and as quickly as possible.

We collaborate closely with other internal departments that possess special expertise in areas such as contract law, competition law, employment law and financing. You will be assigned one main contact person. We designate the lawyer who is best suited to helping you. In summary: With us, you will always have the right expert on the right assignment at the right time.

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