Natalie Kim Le Nguyen

Senior LawyerOslo

Natalie Kim Le Nguyen

Natalie specializes in shipping and financing, serving national and international clients on both sides of transactions, including arrangers, bondholders, brokers, shipowners, PE funds, banks, and other financial institutions. Her expertise includes restructuring and various forms of financing, including traditional bank financing, asset-based financing, direct lending, PE financing, and bonds.

She also possesses a deep understanding of the shipping industry and has extensive experience in areas such as S&P, sale-leaseback, chartering, as well as ship and ship mortgage registration. Her scope of experience covers all aspects of transactions, including document preparation, negotiations, project coordination, and closing.

Natalie is actively engaged as Chair of YoungShip Oslo, an organization for young professionals in the maritime industry. This demonstrates her strong connection to the industry and her desire to contribute to its future growth and development.


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