Marianne Raa Bjaaland


Marianne Raa Bjaaland

For the past decade, Bjaaland has assisted major residential property developers to structure and complete construction projects from the purchasing phase right through to the sale of individual homes. For her, it is important to view the project in its entirety and assess the various risk factors. She is assiduous in her follow-up of cases. Bjaaland takes pains to ensure that her advice is legally well founded and addresses each client’s commercial interests.

Bjaaland has built up considerable experience of property structuring, construction contracts, unitisation and use of the housing cooperative model. She has in-depth knowledge of construction contract law and issues relating to property management and operation for both commonhold and cooperative housing associations. For the past ten years, she has undertaken many assignments in the general field of residential property and tenancy law, planning and building law and real estate agency law.

She has extensive experience from both the public and private sector. Having previously worked in government administration, she is familiar with political processes, how laws are amended and communication with stakeholders.

Bjaaland has also published the book “Real Estate Projects” [Eiendomsprosjekter] and has authored Karnov’s commentary to the Owner-Tenant Act.

Marianne Raa Bjaaland: Long experience and very good knowledge of property organisation, efficient and easy to work with.

Client, Legal 500, 2024


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