Commercial property

Our lawyers are specialists in all aspects of the real estate industry. We assist in complex transactions, financing, development projects (residential and commercial), public sector legal issues, planning and building law, partnerships / collaboration models, lease agreements, and dispute resolution. We are an experienced team with a broad range of skills, working to identify and manage risk – from the legal as well as the commercial side.

Advice from our commercial property lawyers

Our team comprises 37 specialists, who for many years have collaborated closely with several of Norway’s largest real estate companies, contractors, property developers, facilitators, securities firms and real estate investors. We provide advice in the following areas:

  • acquisitions, sales and structuring of real estate transactions
  • financing
  • syndicates / project financing
  • fund structures
  • due diligence
  • tax and VAT
  • lease agreements
  • ground lease
  • development projects and transformation projects (residential and commercial)
  • property formation and property structures
  • planning and building law
  • dispute resolution
  • IPD contracts and public-private collaboration
  • environment and energy

Strategic advisors

We provide assistance to all parts of the real estate industry and have witnessed how market trends and terms vary and influence the industry both legally and commercially. This experience is key to identifying viable business solutions, delivering sound asset management and being good strategic advisors to our clients.

Sustainability, green financing, eco-certification and energy optimisation have influenced the industry greatly and will continue to do so in the coming years. Environmental law and the Norwegian Pollution Control Act have a great impact, both on transactions and development projects. We have considerable experience in this regard, in connection with the development of several sizeable industrial areas in Norway.

What you can expect from us

Our team covers the entire real estate industry. Our lawyers have worked on some of the largest real estate transactions and development projects in Norway, several of the largest transformation projects, and the acquisition and sale of socially critical infrastructure and business parks. We have negotiated large and complex lease agreements and provided advice in complicated disputes. We put together compact teams, thereby ensuring efficient project processes and high implementation ability.

You will be assigned one main contact person. We designate the lawyer who is best suited to helping your business, so that your assignment has the appropriate expertise at all times.

What we have done



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