Agathe Løwenborg


Agathe Løwenborg

Løwenborg specialises in employment law and primarily assists employers with advice, inquiries, negotiations and procedures relating to dismissals and redundancies, restructuring and business takeovers. She helps employers and managers in connection with employees who, for whatever reason, are not performing in their current position and in connection with non-cooperation or workplace environment issues.

In recent years, Løwenborg has acquired considerable experience of difficult personnel and whistleblowing cases, and provides guidance in processes relating to employment termination/summary dismissal. She is often involved in the work required after such processes to restore an organisation’s in-house culture and working environment.

In her dealings with clients, Løwenborg is keen to view cases in a broader context, which makes her a highly valued advisor. She places great emphasis on working closely together to create solutions that are good today and in the long term. She keeps clients constantly updated, has a fast response time and delivers to a high professional standard.

Løwenborg serves on the Employment Law Committee of the Center for Continuing Legal Education (Juristenes Utdanningssenter – JUS). She has contributed to two books tailored to the needs of the public sector: as one of two authors of the annotated edition of the Civil Service Act (statsansatteloven) published by Universitetsforlaget, and as a contributor to the revised edition of the book Restructuring and Downsizing in the Public Sector (Omstilling og nedbemanning i statlig sector).

Agathe regularly represents clients in court. She assists the client from the start of the dispute and through the entire legal process. She provides clear advice with respect to the risks involved in going to court. Most cases can be resolved through mediation.

Agathe specialises in employment law relating to the civil service. Over the past ten years, she has worked with numerous government ministries and agencies. She therefore has in-depth knowledge of the Basic Agreement for the Civil Service.

Agathe Løwenborg has a winning personality, good energy and a highly efficient and knowledgeable skillset. I have never experienced working with a lawyer who is able to understand both our business and the problem she is tasked with solving so quickly.

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