Arntzen de Besche rangert blant de ledende advokatfirmaene innenfor immaterialrett

Resultatene fra IP-rankingen IAM er nå publisert. Kåringen som tar for seg de beste advokatfirmaene innen patentrett, rangerer Arntzen de Besche i Tier 3 i kategorien «litigations and transactions».

I omtalen av selskapet står det følgende: « (…) the technology and innovation group at Arntzen de Besche has provided innovators in the oil and gas, life sciences and IT industries with guidance vital in helping companies to grow their market share.».

IAM rangerer også advokater individuelt, hvor Andreas Nordby er rangert i kategoriene «litigations and transactions», og Tommy Dahlen er rangert i kategorien «transactions». I omtalen beskrives de som følger:

“Andreas Nordby`s recent role assisting Shearwater Geoservices with the establishment of a new streamer technology joint venture. Counsellor to the stars, Nordby is the deputy chair of the dispute resolution committee at the Norwegian Directorate of Health; his deep playbook ensures that he has all the moves to triumph in make-or-break situations.”

“Tommy Dahlen is a valuable adviser, due to his understanding of technology and ability to simplify complex processes to drive momentum and secure a successful outcome. He excels at devising strategies that ultimately lead to creative solutions that meet clients ‘commercial needs. Tommy has a positive attitude and a customer oriented approach, and delivers results swiftly and efficiently.”


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