Arntzen de Besche have assisted AnaCap with an agreement to acquire EDIGard

Today AnaCap announced their agreement with with Nets, part of Nexi Group, for the acquisition of EDIGard, a leading platform provider of distribution and payment services in the Nordic. We are proud to act as legal advisor for AnaCap in this agreement.

AnaCap is a leading financial sector investor in the Europen mid-market, investing across the industry through complementary Private Equity and Credit platforms. Tassilo Arnhold, Partner & Alberto Sainaghi, Investment Director at AnaCap, states the following:

-We are delighted to sign an agreement for EDIGard and partner with this already strong management team that in recent years has achieved impressive growth across the Nordics. We strongly believe that the business aligns with a number of AnaCap’s core strengths including the continuous demand for the adoption of tech-enabled and digitalisation processes, new payment integration methods and a general focus on the broader invoicing ecosystem

We congratulate everyone involved. Arntzen de Besche has acted as Norwegian legal advisor to AnaCap alongside lead counsel, Proskauer Rose. Our core team consisted of Lars Horgen Hinze, Asgeir Lehman, Eivind Landmark Tandrevold, Trond Kildal and Eyvind Sandvik.


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