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Trade and Industry

We make it easier for commercial and industrial companies to offer in-demand products and services. As our client, we work with you to reduce the distance between production and consumption.

We are your legal and strategic partner throughout the entire value chain: from the idea stage, to commercialization, to when your product finally finds its way to the consumer.

Our clients include large manufacturing companies, industrial groups and companies that sell goods and services. Our work simplifies your operations. 

With sound contracts, you can focus on your business

There are many legal obstacles right from the start and until the final product or service is sold.  Our clients depend on sound and predictable agreements.

This may include contracts relating to procurement, staffing, distribution, import and export, sales and deliveries. It may also include joint venture agreements where the parties share ownership and risk.

We handle complex issues and make them understandable.

Safeguarding the value chain – legally and strategically

Beyond purely legal work, we also contribute strategically. We provide judicially tight contracts – but we must also ensure that you, as our client, get the best possible agreements.

In our advisory capacity, we emphasise integrity, innovation and collaboration with you as a client.

Together we create value

With experience from the entire value chain, we understand the legal challenges facing you today – and tomorrow. We cannot do a good job unless we work well together.

Our partners have experience from both commercial business and government regulatory work, which has given us sound business knowledge and insight into what the authorities expect.

Food Law and Life Sciences

Our team on Food Law and Life Sciences consists of lawyers who over a long period of time have followed this business sector, read more.

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