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Professional liability

Arntzen de Besche has extensive experience in handling cases related to claims against professional practitioners from different industries.

A professional practitioner is a person who is subject to professional norms. For example, an auditor will need to meet with certain criteria as a result of the education and the profession the auditor performs. 

When assessing whether a professional practitioner can be held liable, it must be considered whether the person has acted negligently. The course of action must be compared with how a responsible and sensible professional practitioner in the same industry would have acted. In order to provide the best advice, it is therefore essential to have a good understanding of the different industries. 

Broad experience and large network

Arntzen de Besche has a broadly composed professional liability team with in-depth knowledge and extensive experience from many different industries. Our lawyers have amongst other matters handled liability cases related to auditors, accountants, lawyers, doctors, insurance brokers, financial advisers, consulting engineers, and architects. 

Arntzen de Besche has competent lawyers at all levels with experience from these types of cases. The professional liability team has a broad network. This is for example of importance when it is necessary to appoint experts. Arntzen de Besche also has framework agreements with several insurance and audit companies related to professional liability.

Close to various industries

Our lawyers hold a high professional level, and they pay close attention to the development within different industries. We are regularly present at various industry forums. Among other things, our lawyers give lectures at the The Norwegian Institute of Public Accountants' annual conference, and for the construction association in Oslo and Bergen. 

The professional responsibility team is involved in the development of the law by being part of various law committees, and writing commentaries on relevant laws. We also regularly write articles in legal journals and industry magazines. In addition, we give lectures at educational institutions, for clients, and at various industry events. Our lawyers are also network managers and speakers for JUC's network for insurance and tort, where professional liability is an important area of expertise.

Insurance and recourse

The professional liability team also has extensive experience in assessing insurance related issues related to professional indemnity insurance. We also handle various types of recourse claims, for example between professional practitioners, board members and insurance companies.

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