Privacy and data protection

Business privacy is essentially about respecting and balancing the fundamental rights and freedoms of individuals against a company’s own commercial or other interests. Violations of privacy regulations could result in sanctions, including high fines, and have major consequences for the reputation of a company. We assist clients in procuring documentation and introducing practices that safeguard both privacy and commercial interests.

Advice from our lawyers

  • We ensure that innovation and digitalisation are in line with basic privacy principles. We help clients make privacy law assessments and prepare necessary documentation pursuant to data protection regulations. We assist in cases involving data subjects, the Norwegian Data Protection Authority and third parties, and will, for example, be able to provide advice on role understanding, as a joint or independent data controller or data processor.
  • Assessment of the basis for processing in terms of various processing activities.
  • Privacy impact assessments in connection with processing that involves a high risk to data subjects.
  • Transfer of personal data to countries outside the EU/EEA.
  • Deletion routines for different kinds of personal data.
  • Requests from data subjects concerning fulfilment of rights such as access and deletion.
  • Statements to the Norwegian Data Protection Authority related to non-conformance in or complaints about a company’s processing of personal data.

Our privacy experts are part of the technology and innovation group at Arntzen de Besche and therefore have special expertise in technology – both practically and legally. Consequently, we attract a number of clients belonging to research and academic communities in technology, innovation and entrepreneurship. However, privacy concerns all businesses on some level, and we therefore have experience in assisting clients in many different industries, also including the public sector.

What you can expect from us

We have a solid and valuable network comprising players in various research and academic communities, who to a greater or lesser extent have to deal with data protection regulations. We are therefore up to date on both legal and technological developments in various industries.

You will be assigned one primary contact person. We put you in touch with the lawyer who can help you in the most optimum way, both in terms of knowledge and cost. In summary: With us, you will always have the right expert on the right assignment at the right time.


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