Magnus Høegh Krohn Viddal

Senior LawyerOslo

Magnus Høegh Krohn Viddal

Krohn Viddal advises clients on all aspects of competition law. He assists clients in connection with investigations being conducted by the Norwegian Competition Authority and the EFTA Surveillance Authority (ESA). One example is the latter’s investigation of Widerøe’s conduct in connection with the submission of bids on PSO routes in Norway.

Magnus assists Norwegian and international clients with the notification of proposed business combinations to the Norwegian Competition Authority and the European Commission, as well as general competition law advice.

In addition to competition law and public procurement issues, Krohn Viddal advises clients on matters relating to various regulatory regimes applicable to specific sectors, such as transport, pharmaceuticals, medical equipment/consumables, food products, dietary supplements and cosmetics, as well as export controls/sanctions and general public administration law.

Krohn Viddal is a proactive and analytical advisor, who strives to understand his clients’ real needs and tailor his advice to match them as closely as possible.


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Bonnier Books acquires 70 % of Strawberry Publishing

Arntzen de Besche has assisted Bonnier Books AB in the acquisition of 70% of the shares in the Norwegian publishing group Strawberry Publishing. Petter Stordalen and the three other founders retain 30% of the ownership and operations continue under the current name Strawberry Publishing.


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