Håvard Bergli


Håvard Bergli

Bergli has extensive experience as an advisor and legal representative in connection with transactions and property projects. He assists not only with the buying, selling and leasing of commercial property, but also with development projects and other matters relating to commercial property and residential property projects.

As well as being an experienced lawyer, he also has experience as a partner and project manager in investment firms and as financial facilitator for syndicated property projects. He therefore has a comprehensive understanding of the legal, financial and commercial aspects of property projects.

Bergli regularly assists the country’s largest property companies with structuring, due diligence and contracts relating to property transactions and leasing agreements, as well as providing other advice.

Experience from “all sides of the table” means that Bergli has a unique overview and is an important strategic advisor for his clients. With his commercial and pragmatic approach, he is able to grasp the most important elements in each project.

Håvard Bergli is commercial and pragmatic

Client, Legal 500, 2020


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