Gro Amdal – new partner in Stavanger

We are proud to welcome Gro Amdal as a new partner at our office in Stavanger. She is one of Norway's foremost specialists in procurement law, and with more than 25 years of experience in this field of law, she will contribute to further strengthening our procurement and competition law department.

Gro had her first day on May 2. She comes from CMS Kluge where she has been a partner since 2007, and head of their public procurement professional group for a number of years. Through key positions, she has also contributed to the legal development within procurement law. She was a board member at Klagenemda for Public Procurement for two periods (2011-2019) and Government-appointed member of the Simplification Committee, and is co-author of the NOU 2014:4 "Simpler Rules – Better Procurement – Simplification of the Norwegian Procurement Regulations". Gro also has extensive construction and contract law experience.

-We are very pleased to have Gro on board with us, says Svein Terje Tveit, who heads the procurement and competition law group at the Oslo office. Her 25-year experience and specialization in public procurement, particularly on the client side, will further complement and strengthen our procurement team in Oslo, Trondheim and Stavanger.

Gro will be headquarted in Stavanger, but work across the offices to ensure the best assistance to our procurement clients.

Stein Ove Solberg, long-time competition law partner in Oslo, adds that Gro will fit well into the excellent procurement and competition environment in Arntzen de Besche. Jon Gresseth, who leads the procurement team in Trondheim, looks forward to working together across the offices.


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