BI hires Arntzen de Besche partner Odd-Harald B. Wasenden

Doctor of Law Odd-Harald B. Wasenden enters into a part time (20 %) position as Adjunct Executive in Residence at BI institute of Law and Governance. He will remain partner at Arntzen de Besche.

Wasenden is among Norway’s leading experts on climate and renewable energy law. He has more than 20 years of experience as a lawyer and academic in these fields. In addition to his PhD on regulation of market behavior in the power markets, Wasenden has published extensively both nationally and internationally. As a lawyer he has broad experience as an advisor on complex projects in the energy business.

At BI, Wasenden will mainly work with the Executive Master of Management in Energy. The programme is a collaboration between BI and the IFP school in Paris aimed at developing future leaders in the energy business. “I look forward to work with a strong academic community at BI, and not least to teach and collaborate with a group of extremely competent and exciting candidates on the executive level. I hope to give valuable contributions to a field in the midst of a dramatic transition. At the same time there is no doubt that this connection will add an extra dimension to my work as a lawyer and advisor to demanding actors in the energy business,” Wasenden says.

The hiring of Wasenden is part of a broader, non-exclusive collaboration between BI and Arntzen de Besche. “BI and the Institute of Law and Governance believe good legal education and research must be founded on a strong understanding of the issues lawyers face in their day-to-day practice. We look forward to Odd-Harald becoming part of our team, and to collaborate with Arntzen de Besche in other areas as well,” says Head of BI Institute of Law and Governance Professor Morten Kinander.

“Getting Odd-Harald Wasenden on board is an important part of BI’s multidisciplinary commitment to the rapidly developing field of energy and energy regulation. Odd-Harald represents the best of both worlds: research competence and practical experience at the very highest international level,” says Provost for Research at BI, Professor Hilde C. Bjørnland.

Managing Partner Håvard Sandnes of Arntzen de Besche is also enthusiastic about the collaboration. “First and foremost, this is a welcome recognition of our and Odd-Harald’s competence within a complex and demanding industry. As a company we also look forward to a broader collaboration with BI, where we can benefit mutually from each other’s strengths,” he says.

Executive in Residence is a position comparable to Adjunct Professor, but where competence and work is somewhat more business oriented than normal Adjunct Professor positions. Wasenden started his work at BI on 15 May.


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