Arntzen de Besche assists with the sale of Red Rock to Ocean Infinity

We are proud to have acted as legal advisors to shareholders of Red Rock in the sale of the company to Ocean Infinity, a world-leading marine robotics company.

Red Rock was founded by Christoffer Jørgenvåg in 2009 and has become the leading supplier of the digital lifting and handing systems for the offshore and marine markets. After Ocean Infinity’s acquisition, Jørgenvåg stated the following:

- With the drive Ocean Infinity has for sustainable autonomous marine robotics, the fit together with Red Rock is truly unique. Together we are creating a technology platform for the ocean space with capabilities and scale that the world has never seen before. The combined efforts will ensure that our customers are future proofing their investments and operations. With the Group's scale and combined capabilities, our colleagues will have fun, complex challenges to solve, the most ambitious goals, and the ability to create innovative technology to create smarter and cleaner operations at sea. I am truly excited for the future ahead with Ocean Infinity, and the endless possibilities.

Arntzen de Besche congratulates with the outcome!

Our core team consisted of Per Kristian Ramsland, Daniel Antonsson and Maria Tanemsmo.


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