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Public Sector Activities

We combine knowledge of government with business acumen.

That’s why we are a trusted partner of the Norwegian authorities and state-owned companies.

Our work makes it easier for the public sector to exercise authority. In companies where the state is a shareholder, we make it easier for the companies to meet their business targets.

Our lawyers know the public sector

Several of our lawyers have background from the public sector.

The benefit of expertise within both the public and private sectors is evident when we delve into legal issues. Not only do we know the rules, we also know how the government works, making it easier for our clients to work with us. We solve legal problems efficiently and effectively.

Expert legal team

We assemble a multidisciplinary team of specialists based on your legal challenges. Our working methods ensure that you benefit from both our legal expertise and our ability to see the big picture. In collaboration with you as a client, we define the task at hand and work up a project plan.


As a law firm with sound experience in oil and energy, EU and competition law and employment issues, we are well-positioned when it comes to resolving the legal issues facing the public sector and its associates.

Safe and effective procurement

Together with you as our client, we conduct public procurements in a professional and businesslike manner. We quality assure the process and give you both legal and strategic advice.

Supporting the authorities

We provided legal expertise for the deadlocked conflict in Sudan. Together with the Norwegian authorities, we succeeded in formulating a system of agreements both parties could accept. We provide legal counsel to the Norwegian authorities.

Profiled lawyers with extensive expertise

The rating agency, Chambers, cites sources that the company is “timely and cost-efficient, and has an excellent understanding of our business and our industry”.

Contact us - when you need legal advice and assistance.

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