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Investigations, Inquiries and Compliance

The extent of regulatory requirements applicable to commercial activities in Norway affects business enterprises. At the same time, business life is becoming increasingly internationalised. Activities abroad involve a more complex array of risks than a Norwegian enterprise is faced with at home. Greater vigilance may therefore be required. There is also a growing expectation that companies will exercise social responsibility in the countries in which they operate. This is also reflected in applicable law.

Regulatory compliance can be demanding, and it often requires a systematic approach. Companies are increasingly expected to take active steps to ensure compliance, particularly to prevent, avoid and detect corruption. In our experience, taking a proactive approach to compliance is profitable for companies in the long term.

Internal investigations and inquiries can help to uncover any non-compliance with regulations and routines, and it can identify areas for improvement. In the event of any suspected non-compliance, the prompt launch of an internal investigation or inquiry may also have an impact externally.

Our competence – how we can help

Arntzen de Besche specialises in areas such as anti-corruption, employment law, stock exchange and securities law, competition law, corporate law, petroleum law and environmental law, as well as health, safety and environment (HSE) issues. We also have considerable expertise with respect to  investigations and inquries, including formal questioning, interviews and information gathering, document analysis, securing evidence and documentation. 

We help our clients with the preparation of preventive manuals, training, risk management strategies, the implementation of compliance-related initiatives, the follow-up of undesirable incidents, such as regulatory violations and accidents, and the conducting of internal investigations and inquiries.

Our services related to inquiries and compliance include:

Especially about anti-money laundering

The firm's anti-money laundering group ("AML") offers advice on anti-money laundering regulations to companies covered by the Money Laundering Act. We advise, inter alia, on the preparation and implementation of customized anti-money laundering practices, assistance related to conducting enterprise-specific risk assessments, conducting random checks of the practical compliance with routines and regulations / follow-up of these, general training in anti-money laundering regulations, structure and integration of anti-money laundering function with digital solutions and with other compliance function in the enterprises.

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