Investigations, inquiries and compliance

Internationalisation and regulatory requirements for the business community are on the increase. Activities abroad entail a more complex risk picture for Norwegian undertakings than what is the case at home. We assist our clients with risk management strategies, implementation of compliance measures, follow-up of rule violations, accidents and investigations.

Advice from our lawyers

Compliance procedures and follow-up are required by law in a number of fields, and the requirements are becoming increasingly strict. In our experience, it pays off to have a proactive attitude towards compliance. Among other things, we assist with the following:

  • solid corporate governance principles and an ethical framework
  • anti-corruption policy and associated procedures, and training programmes
  • management of official visits and inspections/investigations (e.g. Dawn raids) by tax authorities, competition authorities, labour authorities, sectoral government authorities, etc.
  • internal audits in connection with investigations, suspicion or accusations of legal violations or as preventive measures
  • follow-up of suspected rule violations or proven rule violations
  • advice in relation to whistleblowing
  • compliance review in relation to transactions and due diligence
  • ad hoc advice in red flag situations related to corruption regulations
  • gap analyses
  • relations with authorities
  • training programmes and staff training
  • advice on non-financial reporting and corporate social responsibility
  • advice to boards and management related to the handling of crisis situations

Anti-money laundering

We offer advice in relation to companies covered by the Anti-Money Laundering Act. We advise, inter alia, on the preparation and implementation of customised anti-money laundering procedures, implementation of enterprise-specific risk assessments, conducting random checks of practical compliance with procedures and regulations, general training in anti-money laundering regulations, structuring of reporting functions and integration of anti-money laundering functions with digital solutions and with other compliance functions in enterprises.


Many companies must strengthen their knowledge of key ESG factors in order to analyse risk areas and the handling of these going forward in line with increasingly stringent legislation. Failure to comply with requirements and expectations in the ESG area may represent a greater degree of risk in the future than it has in the past.

We closely follow regulatory developments and advise companies and boards on current ESG requirements and expectations. We identify a clear trend in which recommendations – general or sector-specific – gradually become established principles and later turn into legal requirements subject to sanctions. In addition, we provide advice in relation to reporting requirements and preparation of reports in respect of non-financial reporting under the Norwegian Accounting Act, stock exchange regulations, the Norwegian Transparency Act and specific sector-based recommendations in connection with sustainability.

What you can expect from us

We are an experienced team with a broad range of skills in all key disciplines related to compliance and sustainability, such as company law and corporate governance, employment law, privacy, competition law, financial regulatory legislation, anti-money laundering, criminal law and anti-corruption. We also provide industry-related advice in connection with construction, commercial real estate and energy, among other areas. We have extensive experience in managing government processes.

We have wide-ranging knowledge in respect of international regulations, and a comprehensive and close network of foreign lawyers to draw on as needed. For investigations and document reviews, we work with the leading eDiscovery and forensics suppliers.

You will be assigned one primary contact person. We designate the most optimum and cost-effective team for each assignment.


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