Ola Heian


Ola Heian

Ola works at Arntzen de Besche’s corporate law and M&A department, where he assists both national and international clients in different legal aspects of transactions and reorganizations.

Ola is an accessible and hard-working resource, easy to collaborate with. As a lawyer, graduated in 2022, Ola has fresh knowledge of current and relevant legislation. During his studies, he specialized in corporate law, through elective subjects and his master's thesis. Ola's thorough knowledge of the law and relevant regulations makes him an important resource in the legal aspects of the transactions.

What we have done

Arntzen de Besche has assisted bp on joint venture with Deep Wind Offshore to develop South Korean offshore wind projects

We are proud to have acted as legal advisors to bp with this joint venture, seeking to further develop the offshore wind opportunities in South Korea. As a part of the agreement, bp has acquired a 55 percent stake in Deep Wind Offshore’s (DWO) early-stage offshore wind portofolio, which includes four projects across the Korean peninsula with a potential generating capacity of up to 6GW.


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