Arntzen de Besche with strong results in IFLR 1000

The results for IFLR 1000 2022 are clear. Arntzen de Besche is ranked in Tier 2 in all five categories, in addition to the fact that 12 lawyers have been individually ranked this year.

IFLR 1000 is one of the most recognized rating agencies and ranks both law firms and attorneys with an emphasis on financial and transactional services.

We congratulate our colleagues: Per Dagslet, Rune Haglund, Lars Horgen Hinze, Trond Kildal, Rune Omdahl, Henrik Braavold Johansen, Wenche Maartmann-Moe, Vidar Løhre, Siril VisnesAtle Stensrud, Reidar Smedsvig and Anders Rødland here.


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