Arntzen de Besche have assisted Abilia with the acquisition of Cognita AS

We are pleased to have assisted Abilia, a subsidiary to MedCap, in their agreement to acquire the company Cognita AS. The transaction will further strengthen Abilia’s position in the Nordics within digital assistive products.

Abilia has a leading position in assistive technology in the Nordics, while Cognita has established a strong position in assistive products in Norway. Anders Dahlberg, CEO in MedCap AB, states the following:

-The acquisition pf Cognita broadens Abilia’s portofolio in Norway and is in line with the strategy to build Abilia’s strong position within assistive products and welfare technology.

We congratulate all parties involved. Our core team consisted of Knut Martinsen, Anette Walaker Hansen and Marianne Lutterloh Ljones.


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