Arntzen de Besche assists with the sale of Boreal to the French infrastructure company Vauban

We are proud to have acted as legal advisors to Boreal in the sale of the company to the French infrastructure company Vauban Infrastructure Partners.

Boreal Norway which is headquartered in Stavanger, operates public transport such as buses, boats and railway in several parts of Norway. The seller of Boreal is the Hong Kong based company China Everbright Limited. CEO of Boreal Norway, Kjetil Førsvoll, states the following:

- It is positive for Boreal to have a new long-term owner with financial strength during a period of intensive construction. Vauban will help us take new steps and achieve our ambition of further growth in the mobility sector.

Vauban manages around 6 billion euros and has invested in over 60 companies in mobility, energy transition and social and digital infrastructure in several areas.

Arntzen de Besche congratulates with the outcome!

Our core team consisted of Per Kristian Ramsland, Daniel Antonsson and Eyvind Sandvik.


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