Arntzen de Besche assists Huddlestock Fintech i IPO and private placement

Huddlestock Fintech was admitted to trading on Merkur Market (now Euronext Growth) as of 26 November. The company has recently completed a private placement corresponding to an equity value of NOK 230 million.

The company is an all-digital internet broker where users can purchase financial products and services through their digital platform. The activities are regulated by the German financial supervisory authority BaFIN. The company merged with Dovre Forvaltning in 2019 and announced in 2020 that they will launch a separate platform together with BNP Paribas in Germany during the year.

Arntzen de Besche has assisted Huddlestock Fintech in the IPO and private placement. The team from Arntzen de Besche has consisted of Per Kristian Ramsland, Marianne Sahl Sveen, Lisa Marie Holmen, Elisabeth Eriksson and Daniel Antonsson. The listing of Huddlestock comes after a long period of listings on Merkur Market in the Norwegian capital market, where we in Arntzen de Besche has been involved in a large number of processes.



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