Arntzen de Besche assisted NTS ASA with the acquisition of Norway Royal Salmon ASA

In July 2021 NTS ASA made a mandatory offer of 100% of the shares in Norway Royal Salmon ASA of NOK 209 per share. This was later increased to NOK 240 per share, which priced all shares in the company at NOK 10.4 billion. The acceptance deadline expired on 26.08.21, and NTS ASA received acceptances that together with already owned shares mean that NTS ASA owns approximately 70.6% of the outstanding shares in Norway Royal Salmon ASA.

Arntzen de Besche has assisted NTS ASA in the process, and congratulates the company on the outcome. Our core team has consisted of Jon Martin Atkinson, Steffen G. Rogstad, Marianne Lind Sahl, Gro Elin Sønderland, Vidar Løhre and Martin Gunnheim.


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