Professional liability

A professional practitioner is a person subject to professional requirements. We assist both insurance companies and professional practitioners, and have extensive and broad experience from liability cases related to auditors, lawyers, real estate agents, appraisers, accountants, doctors, insurance brokers, financial advisers, engineers and architects.

Our advice

We assist with the following:

  • dispute resolution
  • recourse against other liable parties
  • advice to avoid or limit liability
  • regulatory issues related to decisions by supervisory authorities
  • internal training through courses and lectures

When assessing if a professional practitioner can be held liable, it must be considered whether the person has acted negligently. Towards this end, the conduct must be compared with how a responsible and sensible professional practitioner in the same industry would have behaved. We have good knowledge across sectors, which is crucial for providing the best advice.

Broad experience and a large network

We have worked extensively with professional liability for more than 20 years. During this time, we have assisted in one of the largest laywer’s and auditor’s liability cases in Norway. We are represented on the lawyer’s panel in the Norwegian Institute of Public Accountants, Tryg and Lloyds. This means that we can draw on a considerable volume when it comes to ordinary liability cases. Additionally, we are often called upon in the most complex and comprehensive cases.

Moreover, many request our help with a second opinion or due diligence in connection with liability cases.

We use technology to calculate the value of claims

The value of a claim will always be associated with a certain amount of quantitative uncertainty. We work with the Swedish software provider Eperoto regarding a tool that calculates what a claim is worth. In addition, the tool must assist us in giving good and precise advice on risk and the value of a claim when this is quantitatively uncertain.

In this regard, our collaboration with Eperoto has enabled us to provide our clients with very good grounds for decision-making in this area. 

What you can expect from us

Our team operates at a high professional level and pays close attention to developments in various industries. We regularly attend industry forums and conduct seminars via JuristenesUtdanningssenter, JUC and Advokatenes HR. In addition, we give regular lectures at the Norwegian Institute of Public Accountants’ annual conference, and for the construction association in Oslo and Bergen.

We have a well-composed team with extensive experience from a wide range of industries. In addition, we have a significant network to draw on if we require expert assistance. We are involved in the development of the law by being part of various law committees and writing law commentaries.